Yasmine is a passionate, pioneering and committed Specialist Speech and Language Therapist. Her hard work has enabled her to progress to senior positions.

She has worked in one of London’s busiest and largest hyper-acute and acute hospitals in stroke. Her experience covers complex and progressive neurological disorders, dysphagia, dysarthria, voice AAC, stammering, voice, mental health, Learning Disabilities, elderly care, critical and acute care.

Yasmine has experience in the management of communication and swallowing disorders with ENT, and head and neck cancer patients. She has also been training families to assist with their loved one. She has been working with complex neuro patients with prolonged disorders of consciousness, young people with complex learning needs who have communication and swallowing difficulties. Yasmine is competent in assessing, diagnosing and providing rehabilitation on patients with a variety of presentations such as stroke, voice disorders, stammering, learning disabilities and progressive disorders such as Parkinson’s.

Yasmine is culturally sensitive and will go to lengths to provide clinical expertise with her clients. Yasmine is committed to providing her clients excellent service by keeping up to date with continued professional development.


Courses attended: Coughing In Dysphagia April 2020, Gender Affirming Voice Therapy April 2020, Head And Neck Cancer January 2020, Jacob Liebermann’s Laryngeal Manipulation March 2019, Sing To Beat Parkinson’s group training June 2019, Estill Voice And Ageing 2018, Estill Voice and Breathing 2018, Advanced Techniques Of Vocal Rehabilitation For The Elite Performer 2018, MDTP 2018, Estill Voice And Switching Vocal Registers 2018, GMVT Online course 2018, Apraxia of Speech 2017, Maggie Lee Huckabee 2017, Music Therapy online course 2017, Dysphagia: Integrating Respiration and Deglutition 2017, and Music and SLT therapy 2016.

Languages: English, Spanish, French