Who are we?

We are a team of Occupational Therapists with a minimum of 9 years of experience in our field. We aim to work closely with our clients and families, providing a high quality, individualised service. We believe that everyone has the right to be as independent as possible and enjoy guiding people to achieve this.

Home Rehab Therapists offers a unique and bespoke intensive rehabilitation package in the community. We compliment our service by working closely with Neurophysiotherapists, Neuropsychologists, Speech and Language Therapists and Medical Consultants to provide the most holistic approach.

What we do?

Occupational Therapists treat people who have reduced independence in performing their activities of daily living following a neurological event or condition. We offer rehabilitation to clients to enable their independence in personal care, feeding, domestic tasks, such as cooking and shopping, and returning to work and leisure activities. We assess and rehabilitate cognitive, perceptual and visual impairments and provide functional rehabilitation to the upper limb to re-educate motor and sensory skills.

We work with individuals taking a person-centred approach by providing rehabilitation and education to the client and their families or carers as required. We set individualised goals with the client to find the most achievable way for them to return to as much independence as possible and increase their quality of life.

We work in partnership with the physiotherapists to work on posture and seating, wheelchair adaptations and 24 hour positioning systems. We also work closely with neuropsychologists to assess cognitive deficits and implement structure and a routine to support the individual to fully engage in their rehabilitation and optimise their outcomes.

Our Occupational Therapists are able to work in the client’s home working on goals to improve their functional independence or we may work in the community working on specific goals to build confidence and quality of life.