Information for case managers

At Home Rehab Therapists we ensure that clients in a need of an interdisciplinary approach will have the best possible rehabilitation packages offered at client homes. We ensure privacy to both our clients and case managers and we understand the right approach towards completion of realistic goals, offering an interdisciplinary approach and ensuring that detailed reports will be sent on time for medico legal purposes. We can also ensure direct communication with solicitors if needed and presence on meetings as part of our support to the case managers of our clients.

As members of our team work as case managers we have identified that a centralised service like the one that we offer at Home Rehab Therapists is the ideal approach to ensure successful attainment of goals for clients, therapists and case managers.

At Home Rehab Therapists we provide A-class communication and ongoing support with case managers to enhance client’s goals throughout their rehabilitation journey. Our case management support services from our therapists ensure that the case

manager will have direct communication and reports that will be detailed and supported by physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, neuropsychologists and occupational therapists. This increases the efficiency of the interdisciplinary team and therefore the case manager is in a position to manage the service offered to their client easily and without time delays.

The work we do focuses on goal setting and achievement with realistic, time specific and direct communication with up to date clinical practice and skills throughout. Our therapists are specialists in their field and we ensure consistency between specific therapist and client.. At Home rehab Therapists we develop and deliver training to our therapists which is enhanced by peer-to peer communications and forums and supervision with a final goal to learn and work closer with case managers.


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