The Clinical Neuropsychology team at Home Rehab Therapists have extensive experience working in neurorehabilitation with a wide range of neuropsychological and mental health difficulties. We are highly experienced in assessing, diagnosing and treating the cognitive, emotional and behavioural impact of neurological injury and illness. We aim to support clients to understand their functioning and advise how to recognise, manage or overcome symptoms so that they can achieve their optimum level of functioning. We can assess and support our clients’ mental health difficulties and work with them to develop management strategies and minimise the impact emotional difficulties have on their lives.

In Clinical Neuropsychology we work closely with other members of the multi-disciplinary team to design a programme of rehabilitation goals which will address the clients’ overall aims. We recognise that neurological illness or injury has an

impact on the whole family and so we can work closely with the client's family, friends and carers to help them to understand the condition and engage them in designing and using rehabilitation strategies that work for the family.

We can complete detailed assessment of cognitive functions, investigating aspects of memory, language, perception, planning, reasoning and attention. We can then identify strengths and weaknesses to help develop strategies to manage any functional difficulties the client experiences.

Our overall aim in Clinical Neuropsychology is to understand, support and optimise the cognitive, behavioural and emotional functioning of our clients to help them overcome their difficulties and maximise their potential.